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Vision and Ethos


Integrity, Kindness, Curiosity and Participation


 Our Core Values underpin every aspect of our strategic and daily work and are evident in the way we:


  • Serve our community with understanding and in partnership, always seeking to understand the point of view and experience of others

  • Establish close partnership, through excellent communication and collaboration, with parents and carers and other partners to support the best possible outcomes

  • Work with kindness, respect and professional regard for all

  • Work with ambition for the school and pupils to achieve at the highest academic level appropriate for each individual

  • Demonstrate continual professional curiosity to act in the best interests of the pupils and school community

  • Engage in diligent communication with all staff and stakeholders to ensure all are working towards the same goals and understanding

  • Celebrate all achievement and value the contribution of all individuals

  • Have high expectations of commitment, engagement and participation for all

  • Ensure all pupils attend, are valued and are included

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a personalised and imaginative curriculum designed to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to build the basis for a purposeful and fulfilling adult life for young people with autism. Through outstanding teaching and secure relationships pupils will gain the confidence to communicate effectively, acquire appropriate accreditation for next steps forward, learn core skills for life, develop healthy relationships, self-advocate, contribute to their community and keep themselves safe. 


    Our Vision

    We will motivate pupils to grow, learn, achieve and aspire to be a participant in their community. We will be a centre of excellence for children and young people with autism which also works in partnership with the community to develop their understanding of the neurodivergent experience.  We will ensure our pupils are prepared for a purposeful adulthood to include employment and positive contribution their community.


    To achieve this, we will:

    • accept each young person as unique, celebrate individual differences and work collaboratively with families and professionals to overcome barriers for success and wellbeing for all pupils so that they can achieve
    • ensure that the lived experience of families and pupils are included within our planning for the school and each child
    • ensure staff are skilled and adept at providing an educational holistic curriculum which strives for educational attainment and strengthens personal development
    • be a reflective environment always striving to learn and understand more and keep up with and contribute to current research and best practice
    • be a hub for excellent autism practice and advice in Essex
    • work relentlessly to prepare young people with autism for the next stage after school and for adulthood.